We still have work to do before representative imagery becomes the norm, but the new French laws are certainly a step in the right direction. And, if image providers and publishers commit to changing the status quo, we may go some way to helping future generations feel happier and more confident in their own skin.
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Ever wondered how much editing actually takes place before a beauty advert reaches your TV screen? Well, now you can experience
I wasn't offended or upset that they didn't like my body in particular, rather I was upset for all the women out there that society has been telling are not good enough if they are not extremely thin. This led me to the question of "how did we get here?" It wasn't so long ago that Marilyn Monroe was celebrated for her beautiful curvy body. Fast forward in time and we are here, where beauty is equated to being thin.
An Australian model has hit out at a swimwear brand for photoshopping a picture of her body "without permission" to make
It's a big one, the gulf between the reality of what a model looks like and the almost superhuman, heavily airbrushed picture
The entertainment industry has a rich history of double acts. Pairs of people combining their talents in a single identity. Well... here's what they would look like as pairs of talented people combined into a single entity... I imagine.
While I'm primarily known for producing photorealistic images of freaky animal hybrids, I thought I'd branch out into other projects. I decided to go about playing with the famous "Lunch Atop a Skyscraper" image. So, here's the result of a few hours of mindless pixel-pushing. I hope you enjoy them.
In an age where celebrities who agree to bypass Photoshopping and be pictured au naturel are lauded as “brave”, it’s easy