physical education

I hated PE at school - it was difficult, intimidating and not designed to be something I was supposed to enjoy. If you are
The benefits of physical exercise on academic learning have long been documented, yet three years after Public Health England
Tackle and other forms of “harmful contact” in rugby should be banned from school PE lessons, claim researchers writing in
School sport is exactly where we should be looking to address the discrepancy between male and female participation rates... We know that participation rates among girls are lower, but until we use data to identify and clarify the reasons behind this imbalance, it is difficult to address the problem.
Technological innovation has been fused with sports both on and off the field for quite some time now. Professional venues are riddled with video equipment to make sure viewers at home and officials on the sidelines have every possible angle of every play throughout the game.
As we get closer to the Olympics in 2012, the promised legacy will come under increasing scrutiny.