Physical fitness

Getting fit in the real world.
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While some developments in the health and fitness industry may just be common sense, or knowledge we already have, it's always great when new studies support them, and new training principles come out all the time. How many of these factors will you adopt in your next training regime?
Fall related injuries affect a third of people over 65 each year, often leading to hospital admission and in many cases seriously impacting quality of life thereafter, including dropping out of social circles and even loss of independence.
People will often talk about the concept of over-training, where they have pushed the boundaries of their training a too far, resulting in negative adaptations. Symptoms of over-training include physical and mental fatigue, prolonged muscle soreness, unquenchable thirst, altered mood, and more.
If you're fairly unfit, build up the intensity and frequency of exercise over a period of time. Do not go mad in the first few weeks, try and pace yourself and you will be surprised at how quick you can go from a beginners level into intermediate.
We are going to embrace the summer with a positive outlook to achieve all our health & fitness goals! If you felt it has
Our bodies are the homes of our souls. As long as they play house to our souls and allow us to exist in happy, healthy, harmonious ways they are utterly perfect. Vanity is but a whisper in the breeze and it is one that we should allow to bypass us.