"'Shoot first, ask later' has famously never caused any problems for the problems for the police."
Thousands of people marched in towns and cities in protest against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.
Pensions blackhole swallows all of £303m "new" funding, leaked document reveals.
In the last three years, the time it takes to charge an offence has increased by two weeks.
I find it absolutely astounding that a Home Secretary can treat the public with such utter contempt
The next time that a driver collides with shoppers, or tourists, or a group of cyclists and it turns out that they are not a terrorist, can we resist that collective shrug of the shoulders? Can we instead take some of the energy and passion we give to terrorist incidents and apply it to solving the crisis on our roads? Why not ban vehicles from busy public spaces, reverse the cuts to traffic policing and stop treating road deaths as inevitable?
For the safety of all our citizens, we must see these cuts reversed nationally and locally. The public rightly need to be kept safe on our streets, and this is surely the most basic of duties that all of us expect from national and local government leaders alike.
I saw and experienced the damage caused by cutting back on community policing - it causes real harm and fear and means that policing changes from the officer you know and who knows you and your community being replaced by officers you don't know turning up when things go wrong.
Mbalula returns to the police ministry where he was a deputy minister in 2009.
So Ntlemeza stays on in his job until another court rules against him.