Potty Training

With indoor soft play, survival is all about mental preparation. You need to be prepared for the shit that is about to get real.
Never EVER did I think I would be so excited about another human taking a dump, but my oh my the sound of poo hitting plastic has made this potty training mums year!
Announce with great excitement that it's time to be a big boy/girl to your child. Jump up and down in the air like Tigger on speed as you whip open a Primark bag stuffed with brand new big boy/girl pants.
I then started thinking about all of the things that trouble me about my child, all of the niggling worries that I have about his development, his health and well being. I realised that I'm worrying over absolutely NOTHING. My fears are simply outrageous.
Well for my youngest son it turned out to be the night just before Halloween when Daddy was away and Mummy had forgotten to buy any more nappies... literally not a nappy in the house, not even an emergency one in the car.
As you know potty training has finally gone into full swing here in the Randomhousehold. The boy has decided he will now do wees' on the potty but, to quote Pirate Pete's potty book, "he's finding doing a poo much harder".
I've never been the sort of Mum for charts and plans and timetables. I like things to go more organically than that. Maybe this time though I'd like a little more uniformity, a bit more normality and conformity. I'd like him to just DO IT.
Potty training might seem daunting, especially to first time parents, but it doesn't need to be as challenging as it sounds