Ahead of Trump's second State of the Union address, we take a look back.
“It’s not something that interests me. I don’t have the DNA for it.”
“If that speech doesn’t make you want to change the world, nothing will.”
The NEC rejected President Zuma's proposal that the runner-up become deputy president.
Though his operation was said to have been successful, he died just days later.
"If we get a secret ballot [for] Zuma, we will not even go into impeachment. Zuma won't be president I can tell you that," said Julius Malema.
The media has been criticised for its reporting of the US presidential election campaign and the EU referendum. Several media outlets were accused of biased coverage and excessive focus on personalities rather than policies. Journalists working on these two campaigns have had to determine how to report on politicians' false claims.
Oprah Winfrey never thought someone from a show business background with no political experience could rise to the office
The creation of a selfless parliamentary system is a real revolution in itself. It is a new way of doing politics, but it is also and mainly a way to restore the people's trust in politics, and send the populist and nationalist preachers of our time back to the one place they belong: the History books.