private members bill

Farrah Bhatti reveals how she helps backbenchers change the law.
If the Government of the day do not wish to see a Private Members Bill passed, then they should have the courage to say so. We owe it to the public to ensure that important matters are debated on their merits and not subjected to the parlour games that discredit us all.
MPs will tomorrow find out which of their number will be given a prime opportunity to champion a law of their choice. A ballot
What if there were breast cancer drugs that we knew worked but patients couldn't use them? What if these drugs were inexpensive and clinically proven to make a difference, but our 'red tape' meant that they were not made routinely available to patients? ... These questions are unfortunately far from hypothetical.
With less than a week before Scotland votes for its future, MPs will have the opportunity to #TurnUpSaveLives on Friday 12 September. This date is the second reading for Lib Dem MP Michael Moore's Private Members Bill to legislate Britain's overseas aid as 0.7% of Britian's gross national income.
The ten things you need to know on Thursday 16 May 2013... 1) THE GREAT EU PROTEST VOTE So, Dave, how are all those carrots
David Cameron's dramatic decision to play his last hand with a bill promising a EU referendum in 2017 appears to have done
This week we have the opportunity to focus aid discussions on what really matters: quality not quantity.
As someone born and brought up outside the UK but now living here, one of the things I most admire about the British people is that they hold in their hearts the struggle against global poverty. The 'Enough Food for Everyone IF' campaign has united in one voice all the major NGOs and faith groups in the UK.
Doctors are too scared of getting sued to make any steps forward in finding a cure for cancer, Lord Saatchi said as he launched
Paying for sex in Northern Ireland could become illegal if proposed law changes are introduced. The crackdown on prostitution