Prorogation in the United Kingdom

Court battle to give parliament more say over departure from EU was won using legal process.
Johnson should face immediate confidence vote so he cannot try to prorogue parliament again, Williams says.
When will MPs be back in parliament? Will Boris Johnson have to resign? We've answered the key questions.
The UK’s highest court has ruled that Boris Johnson’s prorogation of parliament was unlawful. Lawyers for Gina Miller, who is bringing a challenge over Mr Johnson’s advice to the Queen to suspend Parliament for five weeks, told the UK’s highest court that the Prime Minister’s decision was an “unlawful abuse of power”.
“Parliament will have bags of time to scrutinise the deal that I hope we will be able to do," the PM said.
The Supreme Court justices are expected to deliver their decision "early next week".
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Scottish judges have suggested the PM's decision to suspend parliament was really about avoiding scrutiny.
Decision on prorogation expected to now go to UK Supreme Court next week. MPs demand parliament be recalled.
"This is not a standard or normal prorogation," Speaker John Bercow said, as Labour MPs held up signs saying "silenced".