Public policy

The Windrush scandal was made at the Home Office. Not by officials, but by two leading Tory politicians
The opportunities ahead are exciting, but the risks of getting it wrong are disastrous
Brexit has the potential to genuinely transform the agenda across public policy
There is a week to go until a critical general election. The electorate faces some stark choices, not least in terms of policies for public services and the taxes to fund them.
What's going to define public policy in 2017? With a bit of help from the think tanks, here's the top four challenges we've identified at Think Tank Review that will set the tone.
That's certainly true - but if the UK wants to be part of the solution on climate change, communities and even the state's newly rediscovered industrial strategy will need to be part of the mix.
It's been a subdued conference in Liverpool for Labour. One source told me that in terms of policy, there's not actually that much on the table: Corbyn is only now diverting his team away from political firefighting to building a platform. How Labour approaches the task after the mayoral election here and in Manchester next May might be more definitive for its future than a summer spent feuding.
In 'The Economics of Happiness', the Swiss professor Bruno S Frey argues that over 600 referenda have contributed to the
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