What do pop stars, chocolate bars and Prime Ministers have in common? No, it's not a dodgy one liner. All three have all
It's time to rebrand healthy food as the norm, not as an anomaly; this idea of not liking vegetables and so on has to have come from somewhere. Why not use the same source to promote liking them?
To mark its takeover by accounting giant PriceWaterHouseCoopers, management consulting firm Booz & Co is now getting a brand
As I detailed in my last blog, when I first heard that there was to be a unified anti rebrand protest march backed by all of the main supporters bodies, I was genuinely pleased but also found it difficult to suppress a degree of cynicism...
About a year and a half later than it should have happened, all of the principal bodies representing Cardiff City supporters are finally uniting in a protest calling for the restoration of the club's traditional blue and bluebird emblem.
Unfortunately, for Tan, things didn't quite go to plan. Football fans everywhere will be well aware that Vincent Tan was the person behind Cardiff City's hugely controversial rebrand but until a week ago, aside from achieving a degree of notoriety for alleged interference in playing matters, plus a degree of lampoonery for his sartorial choices, Tan appeared to have ridden the storm.
When ELLE magazine launched their "Rebranding Feminism" project last month, there was an uproar among the feminist community.
The sad fact is that many women are afraid to call themselves or define themselves as a feminist due to the alleged social stigma. I believe that this is an example of how influential patriarchy remains within society. Feminists are not 'man-hating' and 'un-feminine' - to be quite frank, I'm sick of these uneducated assumptions.
Whether or not to change your name when you marry remains a big decision for anyone. The implications - social, political, personal and practical - are many. But for me, whether to change my name is not so much a feminist dilemma as a marketing one.
This week we have evolved from Aqueous SEO to Aqueous Digital and all our branding including our website, social media sites and even the stationery has switched to the Aqueous Digital brand.