red dwarf

It’s the only exoplanet known so far to have both water and temperatures needed for life.
It’s the only exoplanet known so far to have both water and temperatures needed for life.
Scientists claim to have found the ‘closest ever’ second-Earth, just outside our solar system. A report from the German Weekly
Craig Charles is the latest actor to put his name to the big exodus from the 'Coronation Street' cast list. Craig, who's
Having been one of the lucky ones to snap up a ticket for the opening night of Monty Python's live comeback show yesterday, I still have Always Look on the Bright Side of Life stuck in my head. But just when I thought that penis-shaped swirly canons expelling a stream of frothy bubbles all over the audience was as Pythonish as you could go, it got even better.
My advice to future film school students would be to try and make each piece of work better than the last. I look back on the work I did at film school and find most of the early stuff I made cringe worthy! It sucks! It's worth remembering that it only takes one piece of work to kick-start your career and every time you get behind a camera you have a chance to make that film.
I haven't yet settled down and binged my comedy guts out on Arrested Development's new episodes, opting instead for a comparatively restrained viewing of the first two episodes last night. I'm not sure how the rest of the run pans out, but those opening episodes have left me fairly confident of a few things:
I have to say, season 10 is shaping up to be pretty good. Doug Naylor seems to have learn't from his mistakes - more commonly known as season 8 - and continues to bring us classic Dwarf. Two for two so far, lets hope episode 3 continues the trend.
Llewellyn says his son will also show up for the occasion: “I stupidly used the word ‘acting’ to describe what I was doing