More than a million of us are estimated to be hiding money problems from our partner.
Finding out your partner has cheated on you is never good news, but it can be especially painful if you felt you were in
'Sometimes they're not sure if it counts as domestic violence.'
Domestic abuse affects approximately 2 million victims in the UK every single year - equivalent to 7.7% of the female and
You're not alone. Here, experts share their advice.
When children see bad stuff going on between their parents, it's thoroughly unpleasant for them. Stress levels rise. The atmosphere at home is horrible. Well-being suffers. Relationships with friends and family suffer. Mental health suffers. When high conflict relationships come to an end, away from the stress, children generally fare better.
Most people who get married plan their wedding very carefully, plotting out every last detail from seating plans to thank you cards. Few of us plan for these relationships to end, yet sadly, 42% of marriages, and a significant proportion of cohabiting relationships, break down.
As Relate's new CEO I will make sure this report is used to continue to build our understanding of what people want and need from relationship support. And we are getting a very clear message from the stats - families need more help to get the balance between work and family life right.