Representative democracy

It comes 33 years after Bernie Grant, Diane Abbott and Paul Boateng were elected as the party’s first black MPs.
We need stronger measures than Twitter’s temporary sin-bin. Those who troll so repeatedly and disgustingly don’t deserve the vote, writes freelance journalist Sophie Wilkinson.
Warning for Boris Johnson amid growing expectation Speaker Bercow will help MPs.
If campaigning for a Brexit with Vote Leave has taught me anything this year, it is that democracy isn't all that it is made
British democracy is dead, at least in its present form. I don't say this because a rightwing party made a little headway in council elections, but because a democracy in which most people neither participate directly in government nor vote for a representative to participate on their behalf is self-evidently not a democracy.
The half-term general election rehearsal currently underway in Eastleigh might be fascinating those in the politics business but the result won't begin to restore the electorate's trust in politicians.
Can a Muslim only understand other Muslims? Should a gay person only be allowed to legislate for other gays?