Respect Party

Accusations of abuse and homophobia amid high drama caused by Labour's decision to allow former Respect Party leader to run as candidate in West Midlands mayoral race.
It's upto members and the ruling NEC, spokesman says.
George Galloway could be allowed to re-join Labour - and even stand as an MP at the next election, senior sources close to
There would be “an almighty revolt” among Labour MPs if George Galloway re-joined, the chair of the women’s parliamentary
Naz Shah, the Labour MP who ousted London Mayor hopeful George Galloway from his Bradford West seat in May, defied parliamentary
George Galloway has attracted criticism after posting an insensitive tweet about Charles Kennedy just a day after his death
In a bizarre speech which, quite frankly, left everyone baffled after he lost his seat, George Galloway ominously said yesterday
He said: "I don’t begrudge the Labour members here their moment of celebration of course. "But there will be others who are
George Galloway may be facing the biggest fight of his political career to retain his seat of Bradford West, but that certainly
The assault suffered by George Galloway in broad daylight in a west London street recently was an attack on democracy. Though some might wish it were not the case, Mr Galloway is a Member of Parliament with a mandate to articulate the views he does on issues at home and abroad.