Given that the Government are responding to a European Court judgement handed down in April, on a case heard last year, there is no excuse for rushing this legislation through Parliament in less than a week. But at stake is something very important and this is why we'll be supporting the Government today.
In light of the 'Criminal Justice System Digital Business Model' being launched and police body surveillance camera schemes being piloted within the UK, Milly Bygrave explores what impact this scheme could have on our justice system and what lies in the future of digital evidence.
Following the awful murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich last week, the political securocrats who claim to represent the interests of the British intelligence services have swung into action, demanding yet further surveillance powers for MI5 and MI6 "in order to prevent future Woolwich-style attacks".
Powers designed to combat terrorism and serious crime have been used to catch dog owners whose pets fouled the streets and
The news that ministers want to give the government's main listening centre GCHQ greater powers to intercept our phone calls