Robin Williams

Williams: the much-loved performer died in August 2014 The WHO report found that globally, suicides account for 50% of all
Keeley Hawes is the latest star to reveal her long battle with depression. The actress, previously a model, says that she
Zelda, 25, also left Instagram in August, by posting a message asking people not to over-analyse pictures of her father on
Global rates of suicide are up 60% since World War II. By 2030, depression will outpace cancer, stroke, war and accidents as the world's leading cause of disability and death. Although twice as many women suffer from depression and many more attempt suicide, nearly four times as many men die from suicide every year. Why?
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It's hard to imagine that a year has passed since my father passed away to cancer. It still feels like yesterday. I can still hear his voice and I can feel his warmth. But the reality is that it is now a whole full year since that fateful day.
It still saddens me to hear about the sad, sad loss of a much loved actor, Robin Williams. Robin contributed much effort
Knowing how my own mother felt, one of the worst products of suffering from depression or addiction is dealing with the social stigma attached to it. Embarrassment, shame and humiliation are some of the shattering emotions our society has smeared on a very real problem. Who deemed it so, that a person suffering from depression should be less deserving of recognition and compassion?
Robin Williams’ ashes were scattered in San Francisco Bay the day after he was found dead, RadarOnline have revealed. The
Why is it such an 'out of the blue' experience for everyone that Robin Williams killed himself? Is it because we think if someone's funny they must spend their lives, head thrown back, wheezing away? I know very few comedians who in their real lives have their heads thrown back, it's not funny being funny; it's a killer.