Roger Federer

A Murray will fight for Britain’s only chance at Wimbledon glory today – but it is older brother Jamie rather than Andy this
To the sound of thousands of British hearts breaking, Roger Federer saw Andy Murray off in at Wimbledon on Friday. Both men
The Singles Wimbledon finals will take place on the 11th and 12th of July and will be played on Centre Court. Saturday sees
*... not really. Two lucky tennis fans who won a VIP trip to Wimbledon were shocked to find their chauffeur was none other
If I'm honest, I was surprised to hear that he'd said it in the first place, and even though I'm sure the TV interviewers will bring it up, I'm rather hoping he doesn't say it again. He's trodden the line so well both on and off court for so many years, but I think this time Roger got it wrong.
A child got the unique opportunity to rally with tennis ace Roger Federer on Tuesday, and he did exceptionally well. Simply
Video footage has emerged that appears to show Roger Federer's wife sledging her husband's opponent by calling him "a cry
Daniel Farrelly and Daniel Nettle investigated male tennis players who had appeared in the top 100 players in the ATP singles rankings at the end of each year, from 1995 to 2005. Their investigation found married players suffered a significant decrease in ranking points between the year before getting married, and the year after, whereas there was no such difference in performance for unmarried players, during the corresponding time period.
For British fans, given the World Cup results, Andy Murray's crash out of Wimbledon, and the minimal numbers of British champs selected for the Tour line up, this has turned out to be the 'anti-year' in British sport, the opposite of 2012.
Federer turns 33 next month, it's hardly time to be writing of retirement. The Fed Express will still be running and calling at its usual stops for years to come... He is not done winning grand slams. And those who write him off are more than just premature, they risk looking like idiots.
Djokovic has apparently turned to Federer, the father of two sets of twins, for some advice on how to manage the relationship of being a husband/father and world-class tennis player and who has now become world No 1.
Djokovic slipped a number of times - he took a tumble, shook it off and got back up. Federer's cool demeanor is majestic - the man is almost completely unflappable... If you treat each win (and each loss) as a single step in a long journey then a stumble is temporary, a rejection an opportunity to learn and a criticism a chance to improve and tweak.
You know Samuel L. Jackson, it's his duty to please that booty, but Victoria Beckham did not look too pleased to be sat beside
Novak Djokovic is the WImbledon champion for the second time following an epic five-set victory over Roger Federer. Roger
Roger Federer takes on Novak Djokovic in his ninth Wimbledon final at 2pm on Centre Court today. Djokovic, playing in his
Andy Murray will be the number three seed at Wimbledon as he bids to retain the coveted major. The 27-year-old Scot returns
Though it has generated a lot of hype, Google Glass clearly has a way to go before it's a viable mainstream product. But
The name Amr Shabana isn't I assume one with which the readers of the YEP are too familiar, so this week is a good time to fill you in...
Last week I wrote about Amr Shabana, who has through his style of play and achievements ensured a lasting influence on the
Unlucky, old chap. It was nip-and-tuck for the first set, and a couple of breaks decided it overall... For some reason, pundits will attach more significance to your semi-final defeat than they will to the earlier ones of Novak Djokovic and Murray. But don't let that get you down. Just keep on doing what you do best, playing the beautiful brand of tennis that has inspired millions of people around the world.