rowing across the atlantic

70-year-old Frank Rothwell raised over £1 million for Alzheimer’s research by rowing across the Atlantic. The retired businessman from Oldham set off from the Canary Islands and rowed unassisted until he reached Antigua in the Caribbean, raising more funds than any previous contestant.
I remember the time when my partner, actor Robert Portal, aka Bertie, told me he was planning to row the Atlantic for charity. How could I forget? It was our first date and to be honest, although I was suitably impressed, I was more concerned with fluttering my eyelashes at him across the table. Little did I know what an enormous impact this man, his plans and the charity would have on my future. To say being at home while your partner rows the Atlantic is easy would be lying. Some days are better than others as we watch Patience the boat's little tracker line move slowly across the Atlantic.