This is my new life and this is the new normal. I noticed I was writing everything in the previous paragraph in past tense, but those things still represent the new me. When I'm better I will still be able to do the things I love like concerts, festivals and travel. I may not be able to do them the way I did before, but I'll still do them.
'They showed me pictures of it after the operation, it was enormous.'
A woman has spoken of her horror after she was told she had a ‘baby-sized’ 7.5lbs tumour in her leg, just days before a dream
'If I hadn’t kept going back to the doctors the outcome may be very different today.'
A woman who blamed her headaches for a hangover has been diagnosed with throat cancer. Hope Stringer, 24, from Billericay
To be honest, it's difficult to capture all my emotions during the past two-and-a-bit years of my life. I've learnt that having cancer does not necessarily mean life changes too dramatically - although perhaps I was lucky (a word I've used more since diagnosis) to have caught my sarcoma early.
Team LOLA have raised over £1400 for Cancer Research UK with additional donations for Sarcoma UK totalling to £2500 overall, an achievement that has made all who were close to Lola extremely proud.
Cancer is so prevalent these days that the majority of people will experience the disease either directly or indirectly during their life. Some people experience it first hand and survive, others will have had cancer 'scares', and like Mary Aboagye, many will lose dear friends to the devastating disease.