The last few weeks, indeed the last seven months, have been completely unprecedented in terms of the media focus on child abuse. It's hard to believe, and just as hard to read, the plethora of shocking stories... However, I believe some of this is simply coincidence but some gives me reason to be optimistic. Yes, I really did say optimistic. Rather than view all the reports of these horrific cases as a sign that things are getting worse, we should actually be pleased that they are being exposed, that they are being discussed and that offenders are being taken to court.
We don't ask whether Cameron, Hazell, Hall or Savile, were motivated by white culture or their religion yet every newspaper I've read or news item I've watched, has consistently referred to the Oxford groomers' culture and religion.
Why is Savile being crucified for most men's slightly groping, misplaced, but ultimately harmless affections? What's in a peck on the cheek, other than a potential tongue? Isn't a hand on the knee just a simpler way of saying 'me likey'?