school funding

As a former teacher, I know the reality many schools are facing - this patronising investment makes a mockery of claims austerity is at an end
We see schools with funds depleted, sending begging letters to parents - this is not their choice, there is no alternative
There are 24,316 state schools in England and in all but a very few cases, despite reduced funding, increased expectations and constant pressure, they are delivering a world class education
Safety signage and toothbrushes among items on virtual 'wish lists'.
A promise of “jam tomorrow” will not cut it with the profession, parents and voters who that know any further delay will be devastating
As I said to parents on Sunday no matter how effective the campaign may have been up to now, we cannot allow the government to wriggle off the hook when it comes to funding. This week, they tried to do just that, by responding to calls from parents, governors, teachers and school leaders with fresh proposals for the education budget. Fresh proposals, for sure. But certainly no new money.
Government will press ahead with plans to introduce a new funding formula.
Schools will receive an extra £1.3 billion in funding over the next two years, the government has announced. In a statement
A Tory win in the General Election would pose the biggest threat to school funding, a leading think tank has warned.  According