Scottish Parliament

Demands to give Scots living outside Scotland a vote in the independence referendum will be debated by MSPs on Wednesday
The thorny issue of the West Lothian Question - the ability of Scottish MPs being able to vote on laws that only affect England
A lovely thing happened in the world of UK politics yesterday. That's an odd sentence to write, I admit. Up until yesterday, if the adage "start as you mean to go on" has any bearing to it, then based on events so far, politics in 2012 is due to be a year round serving of uneasy quiche.
No one cares more about Scotland's success than the people who live here and that, ultimately, is why independence is the best choice for our future.
London and Edinburgh appear to be heading towards a major constitutional row over the date of a Scottish independence referendum
The Deputy First Minister has hit back at Labour claims that the Scottish Government is imposing tougher public sector cuts
A campaign group will gather outside the Scottish Parliament to rally against proposed changes to the law which would legalise
Political leaders are being urged to support a campaign for wider recognition of St Andrew's Day as a national celebration
"It is no secret that Tories in the south want to leave Scotland in darkness, but fixing the clocks to British summertime
Tory leadership contender Murdo Fraser will formally launch his campaign with a vow to disband the Scottish party if he is