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Education secretary Michael Gove has all but confirmed he is to scrap GCSEs in England and replace them with a system similar
The teaching profession has become saturated with theory. We are in an age where there is more theory than ever before, yet
A third of teachers are forced to deal with physical violence from pupils, including one girl telling her teacher she would
Children across England will today learn which secondary school they will attend from this September, although thousands
Weak secondary schools that try to play the system or fail to push bright children will be exposed when previously undisclosed
The teaching of information and computer technology (ICT) is inadequate in a fifth of secondary schools, according to the
Schools will be forced to take responsibility for pupils they expel in a new trial piloted by the government. The new scheme
Why do some societies succeed while others fail? Why is it that some nations can prosper while others decline? Is it a matter
Some primary schools are being forced by local authorities to teach sex education to their pupils, a report has claimed. The
Less than half of Year 10 pupils receive advice on post-exam options, a survey has revealed. The research, for the Association