social change

It would appear that men are feeling increasingly alienated in modern Britain, but could it really be true that we're sticking to the outdated 'stiff upper lip' adage, and refusing to talk about the problems we face as a result of losing our 'breadwinning' status?
'No political or cultural figurehead has ever come up with the phrase "a British dream", so Mod appeals to me politically because it's the closest we've ever come to having an American Dream.' So says Richard Weight, author of Mod: A Very British Style.
The tone of the week's announcements responded to the conclusions of a major review of the system undertaken over the last year. This concluded that apprenticeships need to be bigger and better, worn as a badge of honour and positioned as the preferred route to achieving aspirational career goals.
The revolving door of recidivism, which sees almost half of those released from prison reoffending within 12 months, is an expense society can little afford and any attempt to address the crisis should be welcomed.
The sharpest tragedy in the Pistorius scandal is the death of a young, intelligent woman - Reeva Steenkamp. Yet, the whole episode also threatens to strike a dagger into last year's Olympic legacy. For all that Pistorius did to prove the irrelevance of disability; he is now the blade runner that malfunctioned.
As China becomes ever more immersed into the global political economy over the next decade they will undoubtedly feel the strains pulling at them from both sides. It will be a difficult balancing act for the new leadership.
You've Googled until there were no more links to follow and you couldn't think of any more search terms, asked everyone you know, read through pages of other organisations' financial accounts, you've even contacted the local council; how on earth do you get your hands on funding?
In the weeks leading up to the Paralympics the air was filled with a familiar, silent contradiction. The predominant line focused on how inspiring it was going to be, seeing athletes perform and overcome, despite their disabilities. At the same time, a ComRes poll found that sixty-six percent agreed that "people with disabilities are often regarded as second-rate citizens".
Now is the time to create the future that we choose for the world. As we stand in 2012, many of the ideologies running our world systems have failed.
Empathy can be expressed on a spectrum, and how a child responds to a given situation may depend on a range of different complex psychological and child development issues. For example a child on the autistic spectrum may not recognise that their online actions or behaviour may come across as inappropriately blunt.