I read the news that Anders Behring Brevik has been declared 'sane', with a sense of relief for those who will now see the man punished for the despicable crimes, which he committed with malice and prior forethought. I also had a sense of triumph for those fighting the stigma and misunderstandings surrounding mental illness.
Poynter had an interesting post earlier this week on a study about errors in news reports. The researchers looked at 2,000 stories in the Swiss and Italian press, and contacted people quoted in those stories.
It's always been argued that economic inequality is something which cannot be perfectly addressed. Although many great individuals
Last month Professor Michael Eric Dyson of Georgetown University announced he would be teaching a class entitled "Sociology of Hip Hop" focusing on the life and career of one of the genre's most successful rappers, Jay-Z.
Not a great deal of information can be found in the life of the Prophet or in the Qur'an regarding the issue of disability
Eliminating loneliness is a lofty goal. And yet it's one that should theoretically be within our grasp. I was really interested to read that Sean Parker was working on a new start-up with just that goal in mind.
The night of the Tottenham riots I was leaving to catch a plane. On holiday, I texted friends and worried about what was going on. As well as the concerns for people in my adopted home city, there was also a nagging feeling that I was missing something.