It’s not having its intended effect.
Recent research suggests when it comes to letting someone down easy, you should probably keep your apology to yourself. A
Perhaps it's time for all of us, men and women alike, to reassess the way we use the phrase. Wouldn't it be better to use the breath on something useful? Instead of saying sorry for things we haven't done, we could make positive comments about each other and the world.
But I would like to put the case that in this respect if no other, Philip Hammond was acting as a positive role model for the entire country. Forget the politics. This is about ethics. The ability to say "I was wrong' is something every child in this country should be able to do. And the way to learn that is by example from the grown-ups.
How many times a day do you say "sorry" for something that really doesn't require an apology? Our bet is that it happens
The exchange so fascinated me that it succeeded in briefly slowing my power-walk down to a leisurely stroll (unheard of during the morning rush hour in London!) before I was once again swept up in the unrelenting tide of fellow commuters.
David Cameron is really very sorry for hiring Andy Coulson as his chief spin doctor at No 10 Downing Street, saying: "It
Are you brooding because someone, somewhere hasn't said sorry to you? Or, conversely, are you feeling guilty because you wronged someone but were too shy or too proud or too late to say sorry?
Politicians don't 'do' sorry. With the exception of Nick Clegg, who can say sorry with some considerable style and start memes with equal aplomb, most politicians would rather engage in various forms of linguistic gymnastics rather than let the actual word 'sorry' escape from their lips.