After ten years as Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow announced he would be stepping down. In a speech to MPs on Monday, he said the post had been “the greatest privilege and honour of my professional life”. Among other things, he will be remembered for impressively hollering “Order!” to lawmakers. Bercow has been a member of parliament since 1997 and become speaker in 2009.
Amazon is currently rushing to fix a rather unusual problem with one of its products: Alexa.
Users have reported the smart assistant laughing for no reason at all
As the Happyologist®, the most common question I get asked is, "Are you always happy?". To this, I confidently respond, "No, I'm human." It took me years to fully understand this question and to respond to it confidently. Why? Because I, just like the rest of society, had totally misunderstood what happiness is.
But the party's court application is cleverly worded; second prize could be a declaratory order against the president.
Have you ever been bored rigid by a conference speaker? How can you avoid that fate if you have to give a talk? Here are the worst sins that speakers commit. Be sure to avoid them.
The Speaker represents the House of Commons, not just the members who reside there, but everything it stands for. Our values and our laws could not be clearer on equality for all. By speaking out in the way he did, he did not overstep the mark, but defended the honour of the House and all it stands for.
The tens of thousands who have protested Trump's ban in the UK have spoken up, the Labour Party has spoken up, the Speaker of the House of Commons has spoken up, and it is now time for the government to stand up for British values. We are not a nation of hate and now we must show it.
Threats, insults and ridiculous comments fly in Parliament daily but it's not all that funny for citizens who MPs are meant to serve.
Sonos has unveiled its new Play:5 loudspeaker. It's the replacement to the old Play:5 that was released over six years ago