It's one of the most common exercises with poor technique
As you train in the gym it's very easy to get involved in all kinds of new and different exercises, which is great of course, however some times it's good to remember, or be aware of at least, some of the basic exercises that, quite often, get us the best results.
It's a new month already, and time again for our monthly review of the best new health and fitness studies. This month, brilliant research on obesity, preferential activating different muscles during squats and, of course, Pokemon Go all make an appearance!
If the Olympics have got you and your pals in a fitness furore then it’s time to set your sights on a triumph of your own
Another month has been and gone, and with it, the usual stream of brand new fitness research has appeared. But what does this new research say, and how can you use to to benefit your training?
Traditional bodybuilding wisdom might tell you that you need heavy barbells and expensive weights machines to build muscle, but in reality, that's just not the truth. All you really need is willpower, dedication, and a little bit of know how...
Bruna Lima Model Beeny Squat Guide If your booty is looking a little lax after a long winter of snacking, then never fear
If you feel like your fitness levels are a little lackluster then fear not. This simple 10-second test could tell you all
If you thought that doing a regular squat was hard enough, try doing a super squat. This exercise, brought to you by Shape