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With over half of the UK's steel being exported to EU member states, it is crucial. While this won't save the dying industry, it will keep it afloat for a little longer -- hopefully long enough for major, positive changes to occur.
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The Tories can continue to sit on their arse and remain indifferent as a once mighty British industry rapidly heads towards meltdown. Or, they can get off their arse, offer financial support and implement policies to prevent such a meltdown, and save our steel.
On Monday 9 November EU Trade and Business ministers met in Brussels to discuss a common European response to the crisis hitting the steel sector. This 'Steel Summit' took place exactly four weeks after it was announced that steel production in Redcar would end, leaving 2,200 jobless across Teesside.
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The steel industry was thrown into further crisis on Friday with news that 1,200 fresh jobs will be cut across three of Britain’s