stem cells

A nurse will come to you over four days - at home or at work - and give you a course of injections to make your body produce stem cells. On the fifth day, you'll head to one of our specialist hospitals and your donation will begin!
Stem cell transplants offer people with blood cancer and blood disorders a second chance of life when nothing else could. For many patients, a transplant represents the gift of more years in which to get married, go to university, or to see children grow up.
If you want to spark debate and controversy in science, all you have to do is utter three words - 'Stem. Cell. Therapy'.
It sounds like the beginning of a horror film, but now scientists are actually trying to bring people back from the dead
My husband and I were at a Baby Show recently and walked past a stem cell storage bank display on our way to the popular pram and cot displays. At the time, we didn't really stop to think about it, however we did make a mental note to have a look into stem cells later on as we weren't too sure what storing stem cells actually entailed or the process involved.
Chemmy Alcott has revealed she stored the stem cells of her newborn son from her umbilical cord and placenta. The Olympic
Although Anthony Nolan supports patients in the UK, donors can come from anywhere in the world. Because stem cells cannot survive outside the body for longer than 72 hours, we rely on volunteer couriers to make sure these precious cells are delivered to the patient as quickly and safely as possible.
Stem cell transplants are amazing because they can cure life-threatening illnesses, but the transplant is only the first step of the journey to recovery. There's still more we can do to increase the success rate of transplants, and reduce the number of people who experience post-transplant complications so that they can have the best possible quality of life.