Rates of stroke and kidney failure in people with diabetes have reached record levels, according to a new analysis. The conditions
Remember the advice to take aspirin even if you don't need it - because it can reduce the chances of heart attack and stroke?
Almost one week after Scotland announced plans to supplement the population with Vitamin D, a study in England has shown that population supplementation can do more harm than good, particularly when dosing individuals with the commonly used pain relief, aspirin.
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Major improvements are needed in the treatment of a common irregular heartbeat to avoid a stroke epidemic, according to a
Scientists have discovered five new genes that cause heart attacks and strokes and hope these findings will enable them to
Thousands of lives could be saved in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland every year if people adopted the English diet, according
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Thought ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ was just an old wives’ tale? According to researchers there could be some