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As a postgraduate recruiter once told me, "These days, it's next to impossible to secure a job with a BA. Just like in Europe, MAs are becoming a necessity". If this assertion holds true, then we truly live in a rather sorry state of affairs. Rather than a university education empowering students, the necessity of advanced degrees seem to illustrate how the higher education industry has profited from student vulnerability.
As we head towards the start of the second year under the coalition's new Higher Education funding regime and with A-Level Results day (and the chaos that is clearing) looming on 15 August, universities, politicians and journalists alike are examining the effect on UCAS applications.
Going to university requires more effort and planning for working-class students who do not see it as the norm and are more
A student scholarship fund described as a "vital life line" and created to help poor students reach university is to have
Santander is ramping up competition for student customers by offering those who open a current account a free railcard which
It's exam season, so I'll forgive you for not wanting to think too much about the stresses of moving out right now. The start of a great summer might feel like a lifetime away, but really it's not too far on the horizon, and there's a lot you need to think about and prepare for.
Remember that work experience will give you the chance to develop your existing skills and gain new ones. You will develop self-confidence and learn how to work in different environments.
As an undergrad about to embark on a year abroad, I was gobsmacked to recently discover that international students are being disgracefully overcharged by sneaky banks for transferring money abroad. Yes, apparently the average undergrad paying £9,000 per year ends up paying £335 in hidden bank charges.
From student journalists, part time designers and society workers, students around Britain are finding new and exciting ways of enhancing their CV, gaining experience on the go as well as building a bigger and more productive network.
A would-be university student is taking an Oxford college to court alleging that it turned him down for a place on financial