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The Student Loans Company has insisted it pro-actively contacts individuals who have overpaid.
Like more than 80% of academics and a substantial majority of young people who will be most affected by Brexit, I voted to remain in the European Union.
More than 300,000 graduates have been given refunds on their student loans in the past five years after they were over-charged
A student who was offered more than £16k by the Student Loans Company has had the loan withdrawn - and been offered £50 in
Britain's biggest banks are hitting customers with legal threats from what appear to be independent lawyers, but are actually
The government's Student Loans Company sent "Wonga-style" debt collection letters to graduates using a fictitious firm to
The Student Loans Company has always been an enigmatic public burden - a costly but necessary evil that allows Britain to foster young talent and train the leaders of tomorrow. In turn, these government-funded loans go on to perpetuate a forward-thinking attitude that willingly takes on the risk of investing in people rather than a plethora of tangible, short-term cash cows. Well, apparently the government has decided investing in people is no longer worth the risk...
For many young Brits, student loans are the first significant debts they assume in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, they are rarely the last. Yet while these loans are designed to facilitate education, their recipients often have a surprising lack of knowledge about them...
Four employees of the Student Loans Company have been fired after threatening colleagues on Facebook, as well as posting