Is the veneer finally beginning to fade on the low-fat hypothesis? Is the pendulum finally swinging away from fat as the harbinger of all things evil, to a new culprit, sugar?
Do you know what nutritional food is? Every day a new 'super food' emerges, promising everlasting youth and good health, while something you thought was 'healthy' is discredited. To help you identify the truth, I'm busting some of the common nutritional food myths.
Laws limiting the amount of sugar, salt and fat in food should be considered, a leading Labour politician has urged. Andy
People in England do not know what their diet contains and are surprised at the level of "hidden nasties" in their favourite
Less than 70 years ago, putting a spoonful of sugar into a cup of tea was a luxury in Britain. Today, a great many of us westerners have everything we could possibly want, but have been so numbed by money and peace that we have little frame of reference for the concept of "need".
So whilst we wait for political action that may never materialise, let's at least dispel the myth that healthy eating is necessarily expensive.
It really doesn't matter what health shop it was, they're pretty much all the same. And, inside there will always be a designated section with shelves laden with a vast assortment of appealing confectionary like products and drinks. All at heavily inflated prices compared to what the ordinary shops charge, but that's ok you think, that's the premium you pay for something that's good for you.
I have previously discussed how a "junk food" tax is an idealistic, ill conceived notion, and its feasibility and outcome far different in reality than it is on paper. That is, except for soft drinks which I proposed should be taxed as high as 100%.
A recent study has revealed that more than half of leading cola soft drink brands contain small traces of alcohol. Researchers
It sounds too good to be true, but a group of scientists reckon they’ve figured out how to prevent weight-gain and food cravings