If you think a doughnut is one of the most sugar-laden breakfast choices you could make, you’d be wrong.
The 'Moshi Monster Muffins' contain 33.9g of sugar each - that's more than adults are recommended to consume in a day.
Australian cigarette packets carry graphic photos of possible smoking consequences, and the same deterrents may be added to sugary drinks. SA's health department might want to pay attention.
Researchers say cigarette-style graphic warnings would encourage us to cut back on sugar.
Biscuit, chocolate and pudding companies haven't made any progress in slashing sugar.
Children in the UK drink more energy drinks than in any other country in Europe - and parents may be unaware of the health risks
Chemical reactions caused by excess sugar can cause your skin to be more stiff and inflexible...
The soft drinks levy has come into effect today.
The launch of Milkybar Wowsomes is part of Nestlé's commitment to cut sugar from its products.