Almost nine out of 10 hospital tooth extractions in young children aged five and under are for rotting teeth that could have been prevented, new data from Public Health England (PHE) reveals. Tooth decay could be prevented by cutting down on sugar and practicing good oral hygiene. Here are some small changes that could have a big impact on your children’s teeth.
It's the second time Cadbury's have been found to breach rules in a year.
Public Health England have launched a new campaign aimed at helping families cut down on their sugar intake. Child obesity is at an all time high and children are consuming an excess 2,800 sugar cubes a year. There are some easy swaps to be made in order to lower this and give children a healthier option.
Kids are consuming around eight excess sugar cubes each day.
Consumer group Which? found some cereals to be loaded with almost 40 grams of sugar.
Public Health England has revealed the nation's kids are on track to consume 3 stone of sugar each by the end of 2018.