You might want to consider adding cinnamon to your breakfast tomorrow, as a new study reveals the spice can actually help
This plantain and pecan loaf has an incredible light texture. Although being grain free, it is packed with an overload of nutritious ingredients. It is wonderful served as it is or the flavour, taste and texture of the bread is enhanced either by popping the toaster or under the grill served with lashings of your favourite nut butter or chia seed jam.
Whether they're smashed onto toast or blitzed into our favourite smoothies, we can't get enough of avocados. Global consumption
Do you know your Acai from your Jamagi?
Think you know your superfoods? This quiz will be the judge of that.  From putting algae in your smoothies to powder from
There are many superfoods which do provide your body with a fab amount of nutrients...but there is no miracle food out there that's going to burn fat like we all secretly hope superfoods will. ;)
Move 'Move' involves a different workout per day - usually around 45 minutes - including a mixture of strength, cardio and
Coconut has been cited for boosting metabolism, keeping you feeling fuller for longer, brightening teeth and strengthening
There's no official scientific definition of a superfood, but it's generally accepted that Superfoods contain high levels of much-needed vitamins and minerals. They can also be a source of antioxidants, substances that shield our bodies from cell damage and help prevent disease.