We all make mistakes, even scientists it seems. A team from the European Southern Observatory have revealed that what they
A distant supernova has been photographed by the Hubble Space Telegraph in four separate places, after it was magnified by
Researchers have suggested that one of the great extinction events in the Earth's history was caused by a massive gamma ray
If ever there's a phrase that needed to be said it's: 'Exploding star using lasers'. Thankfully scientists at Oxford University
Scientists have confirmed that a star 20 times as big as our own died in a giant supernova, which was caught on camera. A
After a long Easter break that bordered on decadent, I'm back and newsing like never before, more eager to bust some chops than ever.
Scientists studying coronal mass ejections (CMEs) have found similarities between the surface of the Sun and supernova in
Nasa has produced the first ever 'map' of a supernova. The remarkable X-ray picture taken by the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope
Astronomers have been stunned by the appearance of a new supernova in the night sky. A star in the galaxy M82 has exploded