Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the UK was seeing a rise in new diagnoses of gonorrhoea and syphilis.
Rates have more than doubled in Britain, Germany, Ireland, Iceland and Malta.
Syphilis rates are at their highest level since World War II.
Cases of syphilis have also more than doubled in the past decade.
'Today’s figures show unacceptably high rates of STIs.'
The number of cases of syphilis have reached the highest level since 1949, new figures show. Cases of the infection across
Researchers at Canada's University of Victoria believe there is renewed hope for a vaccine.
'Our message is clear, have fun but do it safely.'
Syphilis cases in England have risen by 76% in the past four years, according to a new report by Public Health England (PHE
Giving birth to a stillborn infant is a tragedy for any parent and their family. These babies die either in late pregnancy or during the process of giving birth; deaths earlier than 28 weeks are called miscarriages.