terminal cancer

I've always believed that you don't get over grief, you get along with it. You rub along with it as best you can. Two years on and I still hold this belief. I'm not over grief, I haven't come through it, but I'm learning to live life alongside it.
A new bride who thought her tiredness was from months of exhausting wedding planning was devastated to learn, just weeks
Mum was a bundle of energy. As I frequently say to people - I'm not sure I remember her ever really sitting down until she became ill. She was always moving, always on-the-go, always running from one place to another doing various activities.
'We are determined to do everything we can.'
A dad-of-six who felt unwell on holiday in Cornwall was left devastated when doctors told him he had pancreatic cancer.  Businessman
'If you have a loved one, tell them that you love them.'
A daughter bought her mum a new puppy as a surprise, after discovering she is terminally ill and has less than a year to
The world is a little darker without you in it. A little duller. Your laugh no longer bounces off the walls of the house. Your arms no longer gather me into a hug when I walk through the door. Your smile doesn't greet me as I come up the drive.
Your faith will be shaken. Whether it is faith in a higher power, in nature, in science, in people, or simply in good, it will be shaken because there is no rhyme or reason as to why this is happening. Eventually you will find faith in the little things again.