Tess Holliday

We can always count on Tess Holliday to deliver a kickass reality check when it come to body confidence. In a world that
'I’m fat. I also have a fat wallet and will no longer be using your services.' ✋
Tess Holliday has revealed she won’t be using Uber again, after one of their drivers fat-shamed her. The 31-year-old slammed
Tess Holliday has opened up about how hard being a mum can be in a brutally honest Instagram post.  The 31-year-old, who
However, a few people told her she should 'cover up'.
Tess Holliday won praise for sharing a photo of herself breastfeeding during the Women’s March in LA. The 31-year-old, who
Plus-size model Tess Holliday has long championed body confidence and acceptance.  Now, she’s well and truly put the haters