the arctic

The herd is now vulnerable to mass a die-off.
Reindeer on a group of Norwegian islands are shrinking, as climate change cuts off their food supply, scientists have warned
A research station situated on an ice shelf in Antarctica is having to be relocated after scientists discovered dangerous
This was meant to be a blog about Waitrose's relationship with fossil fuel giant Shell (Waitrose had been considering plans to open up shops in Shell petrol stations across the country), calling on Waitrose to end their partnership with the mass polluter. But Waitrose must be mind-readers because on Wednesday they did just that.
The only reason Shell and the others can even think about drilling up there is of course because the sea ice has melted. As we know the ice has melted because we are burning too much oil.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- An independent investigation is being launched into the polar bear attack that killed an Eton schoolboy