The Labour Party

The Labour leader introduced himself to party members and the public in a high-stakes speech in Brighton.
Exclusive: Labour leader let rip in weekly meeting of his frontbenchers.
Over the summer there are have been many media articles and political interventions raising questions about the growth and
It is both interesting and encouraging that senior politicians have already spoken about public sector outsourcing and contracting
Yes I would much rather a Labour government than a Tory one. I believe it would be easier to influence and work with them then the Tories. But as for joining them as a member or voting for them, it's not an option for me based on what I've said above.
Be very wary of jumping into bed with a party that promises to fight to remain in the EU but is happy to be in government with a regressive party. When should we progressives start openly trusting the Lib Dems again? Well if they can rule out forming another government with the Tories that would be a start.
I recently highlighted hypocrisy exhibited by the Labour Party's NEC when they banned certain 'offensive' words. The bias
I'm not going to spend much (or, indeed, any!) time talking about policies because it's official - both Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn now agree on pretty much everything with the notable exceptions of WMD and how to solve the Brexit mess. The leadership debate was in reality an hour and a half of two fellas trying to out nationalise and out invest each other.
If Labour play their cards right, they can create a hopeful, unifying campaign with policies that speak to a broad spectrum of the electorate at a time when the Conservatives appear to be regressing back into an even uglier form of right wing politics. But they cannot do this with Corbyn at the helm.
I hope the UK joins other liberal democratic countries in adopting the Nordic model. Perhaps in the future we will wonder why, at the beginning of the 21st century, decriminalisation could even be regarded as freedom rather than an obstacle to equality, a violation of human dignity and a contravention of human rights.