the undateables

If I can take anything away from being on the show I would say it has given me the confidence to go out and enjoy dating. Rather than being terrified of it. I don't know what the future holds for Tanya and I, but if nothing else, I've make a new friend.
This journey has made me a stronger and a more confident person, it may not work for everyone with a disability but I felt it worked for me. I think that the show is a credit to someone like myself because it focuses on who the person is rather than how their disability affects them. To anyone with a disability I say this, this show made me confident and wiser, I got to meet someone great and if you think this show could help you to date then I encourage you to apply.
'I have got to a place where I can look at these pictures and be at ease with myself.'
‘The Undateables’ star Tom Morgan has starred in an unretouched fashion campaign for Jacamo for the second time.  Morgan
'Confidence is about being comfortable in your own skin.'
The title can be a bit controversial, but when 'The Undateables' sign knocks off the 'Un' with cupid's arrow it shows we are all dateable. We all need love. Sometimes with a disability it's difficult, it's difficult for everybody.
A conversation with someone I find attractive is no longer made up of me stuttering. It is made up of coherent words and feelings. I have not only set sail on my journey into the dating world, but also learned how to swim in the social world.
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