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It turned out the messages were not part of a risky social media strategy.
A Labour MP has confirmed his Twitter account is “back in safe hands” after it was hacked to imitate a female model. Toby
Labour's next leader will need to achieve something far more difficult and far more important - convincing the British people that our party is fit to lead our country again. The answer isn't to look backwards, but instead to talk about the Britain that we can build together. Labour has always won when we've focussed on the world as it is and how we want it to be. That's what Liz Kendall has done this week...
Do you know which political party will offer the best package of policies to support Britain's growing army of small businesses over the next five years? There are now record numbers of small firms in the UK, they account for as much as 96 per cent of the UK private sector, generating around a third of private sector turnover.
George Osborne has been accused of having a "warped view" of the housing market after telling MPs that homes at £250,000
Today Labour will take another step towards establishing ourselves as the party of small business with a move to support businesses who play by the rules and pay their bills on time.
Justice secretary Chris Grayling has been accused of ignoring warnings that probation officers have been forced out of the
On Tuesday morning, in a central London pub, Vince Cable and Nick Clegg got together to announce a new statutory regulatory code to manage the relationship between the large branded pub chains that own the majority of pubs in the UK (known as PubCos) and their licencees. This is yet another example of Labour setting the political agenda.
It was Napoleon who first branded the British 'a nation of shopkeepers', a theme Adolf Hitler returned to 150 years later. But whilst these Anglophobic generals may have meant it as an insult, we British take great pride in our small retailers and jealously guard the variety and diversity they bring to our high street...