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As we are being repeatedly told, Yorkshire would stand a very respectable tenth in the Olympic medals table right now, if
The only thing funnier than Boris Johnson getting stuck dangling from a zip wire? All the hilarious Photoshopped versions
Another Friday, another week of hilarious picture captions as written by you, dear @HuffPostUKCom Twitter followers. Yes
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture caption, on the other hand, is only worth 140 characters. At least
Once more we have been tweeting out pictures to our intrepid* followers this week - and once more, they/you** have been coming
Forget Britain's Got Talent. Know who's got talent? You, dear followers of @HuffPostUKCom. Because we've been tweeting out
Once again, it's time for us to round up - nay, 'wrangle' - the funniest picture captions that our dear Twitter followers
We started a new game on Twitter this week: tweeting out a topical picture every day from our Twitter feed at @HuffPostUKCom
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