My barber tells me I'm a lucky man. I've been blessed with more than my fair share of hair. Recently though, a somewhat awkward encounter with an old school friend, who's now bald as a coot, reminded me that not everyone is in the same boat.
The Christmas Jumper is a huge part of student life. It is the staple of every student's wardrobe. Hidden under the bed or
UK Twitter users today shared their scorn for skinny-jean-pushing Topman's current T-shirt designs that were quoted as being "offensive to women" and "condoning aggressive behavior".
If you can bring me one victim of domestic violence who sees the humour in this t-shirt then maybe I will reconsider my view that it's disgusting. That fashion may be controversial at times but it should not glamourise rape or domestic violence. Nothing should.
Slogan T-shirts are seldom the most stylish additions to our wardrobes, but they're not usually out-and-out offensive. But
Topman has been accused of comparing women to animals and of glamourising domestic violence on a number of its T-shirts. The