True crime

There may be psychological reasons these accounts are so compelling.
What makes this case so unique, is that five out of the six were said to suffer from Memory Distrust Syndrome. They started to distrust of their own minds and furthermore what was suggested to them during interrogation became more real than their own recollections. Memory Distrust Syndrome can create confusion so extreme that people may confess to crimes they didn't commit - even something as a serious as murder.
Now should a podcast be a series and delivered in instalments, each episode could be looked upon as a chapter in a book and thus, each episode builds the foundations. What I mean, however, is that only a podcast must lay out its key narrative and themes in chapter one. Failure to do this = failure to grasp the audience = failure to launch.
( - The Jinx (miniseries)) 2. Amanda Knox The Netflix original, 'Amanda Knox' completely changed my - and
In 2011 I was dispatched from Exeter to my new beat on the staggeringly beautiful Isles of Scilly, where several decades previously a journalist coined the phrase "The Land that Crime Forgot". The wretched strap line got cut and paste into every brochure, features piece and blog about the islands.
The genre of true crime has been around for decades. The public's taste for the sometimes sordid, sometimes mind boggling details of infamous crimes and legal shenanigans never seems to ebb...
I was a high-school tennis player and planned to become the next Arthur Ashe. But once it was discovered that I could not read or write, my dream of becoming a sports star was over. I knew my tennis career was no longer a reality. I found myself pretty much lost, not knowing what my next move would be...