tv licence

The £745 million-a-year scheme is to be scrapped next June.
The Animal Park presenter says the Beeb is “one of the greatest institutions in the world”.
The knock of the licence fee collector is enough to put fear in the heart of any TV-watcher who forgot to pay the bill, but
A host of 'silver celebrities' will front a campaign to encourage over 75-year-olds to forgo their free TV licence or make
You sit back in your armchair, pick up the television remote control and click the screen on. After a moment of warming up, the picture displays itself into your house, with the volume slightly too loud from the last time you were watching telly, and you hurriedly press the minus key to try and get the sound to pipe down a bit. It only works after you smack the batteries on the back and jab a little bit of life into them...
Dear George, I've had a chance to digest your new budget and it seems clear to me that you are the one politician who is in sympathy with me and my issues. I too have bitter enemies who I wish to undermine and destroy by any means necessary, regardless of the impact on anyone else. So here are my problems, George, maybe you can help me.
The BBC has come under fire for spending over £11 million of taxpayers' money a year on printing and sending TV licence letters
As an institution, the BBC is not very popular. Over the last decade it has been involved in so many scandals that it's difficult to know where to start. The announcement that the government is looking to decriminalise non-payment of the TV licence fee is not such a big surprise. The government have been talking about it for so long, and it would be such a popular move, that it's very likely to go through.