UK families

The health secretary told the Conservative Party conference that "we shouldn't always go first to the state".
Money makes the world go round, we discover in later life, but it’s one of the hardest lessons to teach children about, so how do you teach children about finance?
Ray Wilson helped to turn his local woods into a place for family fun, by creating picture trails for children. From Halloween to Christmas and Valentine’s Day, he’s given families going for their daily walk in lockdown something fun to do together.
Lucille Whiting’s family have been battling with Covid-19 for a long time now. Her children are among hundreds believed to be suffering from long Covid. Told to keep away from hospitals for a while, eventually they had to see a doctor, with the children experiencing dire symptoms.
Furloughed mother of two Lexi Ellison, from North Shields, does not know how she will manage to feed her son Jacob for 10 days with the free school meals package she received. Ellison doesn’t blame Jacob’s school but firmly places the responsibility on the government and applauds Marcus Rashford and other celebrities who have helped to raise awareness and action.
"I said Alexa three times and she didn’t respond so she’s family now."
Have you heard of big sibling kits? 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦
Times change. Plastic, once the best thing since sliced bread, now vilified as we hang our heads in shame to see the monster
Beyoncé tried to pick up her sister at Coachella and they both fell on their arses.
Millions of families all over the world will be spending Christmas and the holidays without one (or more) of their beloved children.
On Christmas Day 128,000 children will wake up homeless in Britain, the highest number in a decade, according to a leading
Last week’s budget was a do-little effort from a government which, like the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition before
Last week’s budget was a do-little effort from a government which, like the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition before
This year will be my fourth year as a single parent to teens, juggling a dual career of writing and photography and for the very first time, I have a plan to make sure this Christmas is the one with the least stress and the most joy I've ever experienced.
What business does a white family have caring for black children, or a Muslim family caring for a white girl? And maybe you are right. There are many families out there who are better suited than us. Yet when the call came, on a bleak November evening, we were the ones who opened our door to three children who were tired, cold and frightened. We provided warm baths and towels, hot chocolate and cookies, a bedtime story, a warm bed. We dried tears, and held little hands until sleep finally came. And we set three extra places for breakfast, in silence as we tried to understand the scale of the challenge we had just accepted.
Parity between the sexes remains one of the most vital challenges of our society and one which has the power to resolve so many inequalities and social harms. Tackling extremism is yet one more area where this holds true, as it becomes increasingly clear that the push for - and protection of - gender equality is arguably the most significant counter-narrative to extremist ideology.
The co-location of care for young and old makes sense in so many ways. As nurseries and care homes struggle to avoid closure, there are rays of hope on the horizon. Here is a model of care that works for all generations.
As summer ends, the news is of children's nurseries and older people's care homes facing closure. The reason is simple - state